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About Sunrun

At Sunrun, we believe in an audacious goal:
To create a planet run by the Sun.

We believe in a sustainable future where everyone can access the power they need, whenever they need it. That future starts today. We offer power that is reliable, for when the electricity grid isn’t. Rechargeable, for when uncertain days become nights. Affordable, so it’s accessible to more families. We give people the power to control their home’s energy, while reducing their impact on the planet. We help families prepare for whatever tomorrow brings by making sure that homes are safe havens in a storm.

Creating a Planet Run by the Sun

Grid Alternatives  GRID is a national leader in making solar power and jobs accessible to underserved communities. The partnership between Sunrun and GRID, now in its ninth year, supports job training and solar installations for low income families and traditionally underserved communities. In 2019, Sunrun and GRID installed 4.5 megawatts of solar for 917 low-income families, providing $19 million in lifetime savings.
Building a More Resilient Grid

Over the past 40 years, fire seasons have grown significantly longer and large fires are five times more common.  Too much energy flowing through power lines can result in sagging, which can cause electrical sparks that lead to fires if this brings the line close to other objects, like trees. Sunrun’s paper “Building a More Resilient Grid” outlines how rooftop solar and batteries can reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be transmitted to a neighborhood, thereby mitigating risks associated with sending high amounts of energy over power lines.
Connected Solutions In Massachusetts, Sunrun successfully worked with policymakers and the state’s largest investor-owned utility, National Grid, to build out a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program titled “ConnectedSolutions” in which ratepayers reduce stress on the electrical grid during times of high energy demand in the region. This is done by harnessing the collective energy from home energy assets like batteries powered by clean solar energy. Sunrun then provides the power from this network to utilities as a type of “Virtual Power Plant.”
Solar for All Illinois Solar for All is a state program launched in 2019 that creates pathways for low-income communities to engage in the clean energy economy. With Illinois Solar for All, participants can get home solar for $0 down, and monthly costs and fees will not be higher than 50% of the value of the energy generated from that system. There is also a job training component, with training programs and job fairs to ensure that disadvantaged populations also reap the benefits of clean energy job creation. In the works since 2014, Sunrun has been integral to the development and implementation of this program.

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Our Impact in Numbers

7.4 Billion
Kilowatt hours of clean energy produced since 2007
How often, in minutes, a new Sunrun system is installed on average per work week
2.1 Billion
Kilowatt hours of clean energy produced in 2019
$300 Million+
Savings to our customers