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There is a revolution happening in energy.  

Sunrunners are leading it.

A Culture of Safety Sunrun believes access to a healthy and safe workplace is a fundamental human right. Ensuring the safety of Sunrunners, our customers, and local communities is Sunrun’s top priority, and we provide best in class training and tools for our employees.
Sunrunners Sunrun employs more than 4,800* people throughout the United States and collaborates with many partner organizations to enable access to clean energy and achieve important diversity milestones, such as hiring women, veterans, and people of color. Some of the organizations Sunrun works with include GRID Alternatives, Solar Ready Vets, WISE (Women in Solar Energy), Blacks in Green, and CET (Center for Employment Training).
Pay Parity at Sunrun Sunrun became the first national solar company to achieve this milestone after committing to The White House Equal Pay Pledge in 2016 under the Obama Administration. In 2018, Sunrun achieved 100% pay parity for its employees, regardless of gender, who perform similar work in similar locations across the United States.

Certified Great Place to Work

88% of Employees Feel 
I'm proud to tell others I work here.
Giving Back
88% of Employees Feel
I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.

88% of Employees Feel
When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.

84% of Employees Feel
​​​​​​​I feel I make a difference here.

Our mission is to create a planet run by the sun. This means that everyone, from solar installers and sales people to CEO Lynn Jurich, shows up to work because they are driven by passion and purpose.
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The race to change is on

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We're in this together

Earth Day 2020
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Why I started Sunrun

I believe in creating a planet run by the sun