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The time for solar is now.
Sunrunners are leading the way!

Our Mission
To create a planet run by the Sun
We aim to achieve this by Powering the Potential of our talented, growing and fiercely passionate workforce with impactful rewarding career opportunities.  #WeAreSunrun

We achieve our mission by living our values

Being human-centered is our anchor to drive transformation. This means bringing a deeply human perspective to all steps of the problem-solving process. We cultivate empathy for all customers and team members as humans. The result is that we design elegant solutions that more fully meet customers' needs. We will prioritize our activities and decision making to drive meaningful impact.
​​​​​​Humanity is at the core of our business.
  • We treat saftey seriously. The safety and well-being of a person always comes first. 
  • We make things simple, easy to use, understandable and easy to remember. 
  • We hire, build and grow great teams
​​​​​​​To be on Sunrun's team means to operate with absolute integrity.
  • We are known for candor, authenticity, and transparency.
  • We share information widely, openly, and proactively.
  • Everyone has a voice and we value the differences between individuals. 
Our team has boundless curiosity.
  • We regard every interaction as an opportunity to learn. 
  • We commit to curiousity as a path to rapid learning and creating momentum to advance our mission. 
  • Differing perspectives help us make better decisions.
Passion is an irresistible driving force at Sunrun.
  • We stay positive and solution-oriented especially when tackling big, important projects.
  • We appreciate our interactions and contributions.
  • There is never doubt about whether or not a team member wants to be at Sunrun and exhibits courage and fortitude.
Sunrun exhibits courage and fortitude.
  • We act boldly and have the fortitude to stand behind our recommendations and actions
  • We are resilient and find alternatives 
  • We take responsibilty for the circumstances of our life and don't blame others or ourselves for what is wrong in the world or at the office. 
The work we are doing as a team will forever alter the world.
  • Sunrunners bring compelling business outcomes to the table to achieve real and measurable impact. 
  • We evaluate the entire dimension of an opportunity for the company
  • We concentrate  our focus on the most critical business priorities and objectives.
Explore your FUTURE
We give you the tools you need to discover your perfect job match, and the freedom and support to take your career to the next level.
Who is Sunrun? 

We believe in a sustainable future where everyone can access the power they need, whenever they need it. That future starts today. We offer power that is reliable, for when the electricity grid isn’t. Rechargeable, for when uncertain days become nights. Affordable, so it’s accessible to more families. We hope this career portal inspires connection, awareness, advocacy a their many pathways to powering your own potential at Sunrun! 

Your Power Recharged

Sunrun offers all full-time employees an array of comprehensive wellness benefits to improve employee health and wellbeing. We keep these benefits costeffective for employees, regularly leading our industry peers in the quality and the cost of benefit plans.​​​​​​​