What is the lague
What is the League?

The League is Sunrun’s internal sales platform designed to set new standards of what you are capable of accomplishing. The League is about creating your own destiny and connecting your personal success with our company mission, to create a planet run by the sun!

Nike Incentives
Competitions As a member of The League, you’ll take part in competitions, incentives, and be recognized and rewarded for your accomplishments with exclusive gear and amazing experiences. ​​​​​​​

Every quarter, you’ll participate in individual and team competitions and advance through the league levels.  Each level offers a Nike League prize pack and once you reach the Megawatt level you’ll be able to participate in exclusive experiences!

60 Day Spark 

The first 60 days you are are enrolled in Spark, our comprehensive training program. Sunrun provides unparalleled training, coaching, and arms you with the tools you need to ensure you are set up for success!