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In the process of creating a planet run by the sun, we're creating alot of opportunity in a variety of career areas.

Sunrun Companies

Sunrun Power Through
Sunrun, Inc 
Sunrun Inc.  is the nation’s leading home solar, battery storage, and energy services company. Sunrun’s innovative solar service fferings and home battery solution, Brightbox, brings families affordable, resilient, and reliable energy. 
AEE Solar
​​​​​​​AEE Solar
AEE Solar is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of solar products and equipment. AEE Solar supplies resellers, contractors, integrators, and installers field-tested, reliable products needed to design, install and maintain renewable energy systems.
Snap N Rack
SnapNrack produces innovative residential solar mounting solutions engineered to optimize material use and labor resources and improve overall installation quality and safety.
Clean Energy Experts Logo
Clean Energy Experts
Clean Energy Experts helps providers of solar and clean energy solutions reach new customers and grow their business profitably. We also help educate customers on ways to become more energy independent, save money, and go green.

Sunrun Acquires Vivint Solar
Powering through together for a brighter tomorrow!
​​​​Sunrun and Vivint Solar—have combined their expertise, opening the floodgates for solar to boom across the nation. We help you by providing an easier path forward to sustainable energy so you can power your home responsibly and help protect the world we all love.