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Overwhelmed by the multitude of opportunities? Tailor your search by choosing an option below to filter roles by specific areas within Sunrun, or utilize the search bar at the top to find positions by keyword. At Sunrun, regardless of your starting point, you have the chance to cultivate your career and progress across various facets of the company.

Bright advice from our recruitment team

Gain valuable advice straight from the experts! Explore quotes from our Sunrun's recruitment team on everything from crafting the perfect resume to mastering the post-interview follow-up process. Remember, every role has its unique process, but our recruiters are your go-to resource for navigating your road to success!

“Crafting an impactful resume is essential for leaving a lasting impression on recruiters and hiring managers. Remember to customize your resume to the job by incorporating specific keywords relevant to the role. This increases your chances of standing out in recruiter searches.”
Alix Williams, Sunrun Recruiter
“During the application process, we'll first review your resume to ensure your skills and qualifications align with the role. If they do, we'll schedule a phone screen to dive deeper into your work experience and aligning goals. If not, we'll keep your resume on file for future opportunities that better match your skills.”
Laura Morgan, Sunrun Recruiter
“Whether you’re interviewing face-to-face or virtually at Sunrun, remember we're all about embracing a casual dress code. Never hesitate to reach out to your recruiter for tips.”
Mary Yollin, Sunrun Recruiter
“Preparing for an interview is key. Research the company thoroughly, including its social media presence and employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Assess if the company culture aligns with your values and address any concerns during the interview. Good luck!”
Cathy Olson, Sunrun Recruiter
“Ensure you have the hiring manager's name and email. Send a thank-you email expressing your interest post-interview. Expect an update from the recruiter within 1-2 days, hopefully with a job offer. If offered, the recruiter will guide you through onboarding. We're thrilled you're considering a career with Sunrun!”
Melissa Becker, Sunrun Recruiter

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