Power Your Potential

Power Your Potential

With the leading U.S. solar, storage and energy services company

The time for solar is now
Sunrunners are leading the way

Sunrun exists to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy while building a sustainabile future.  Putting solar panels on rooftops and batteries in garages is what we do on a daily basis, but that's not all.   We engage in partnerships that help create distributed energy communities, outline plans to bring connected energy networks to life, and author concept papers to share our vision with the world.  #WeAreSunrun #JoinOurMovement

We make real measurable impact   

7.4 Billion
Kilowatt hours of clean energy produced since 2007
How often, in minutes, a new Sunrun system is installed on average per work week
2.1 Billion
Kilowatt hours of clean energy produced in 2019
$300 Million+
Savings to our customers
Sunrun Acquires Vivint Solar
Powering through together for a brighter tomorrow!
​​​​Sunrun and Vivint Solar—have combined their expertise, opening the floodgates for solar to boom across the nation. We help you by providing an easier path forward to sustainable energy so you can power your home responsibly and help protect the world we all love.